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Haak & Maak: Hartjesslinger

Haak & Maak: Hartjesslinger: Vandaag ben ik jarig. Nu ben ik niet iemand die elk jaar haar verjaardag groots viert, liefst doe ik gewoon iets gezelligs met mijn drie sch...

Heart Garland

Today it is my birthday. Now I'm not someone who celebrates her birthday every year great, I just love doing some fun with my three treasures. And this year my birthday is to taxiing of these three treasures.They have a busy schedule today. Besides a delicious cup of coffee (I got a new coffee machine, so one with beans, which I so long on my wish had been standing) with a piece of cake there will be not so much on my birthday brands and I am especially lot.

The garlands I hung yesterday for yourself stuck on. I wanted something different than the felt flag lines we get normally appear. I hooked only a few new flags lines that I could hang nicely. Youngest decorated as a surprise with the felt flags our bedroom. Flagline I feel so cozy. Whether dust or hooked, it looks so fun and festive! Not only inside but also outside in the garden. I searched on Pinterest a nice flag and began some time or 5 again. As often was not one pattern to my liking and I began but puzzling.Occasionally it seems mathematics. ;-) That obviously did not work right away, but after attempting or 10 I was satisfied with the result.

And what am I happy with my part-time job, where in addition at least I still have time to reflect on my ease patterns, all the moments are a bit more economical than a few weeks back.

Of hearts, I made a flag line. To see through the window lighting the hearts even better!

Pattern spring pendulum

I hooked the halyard with cotton and crochet hook 3.5.

At the end of row 17 you two hook unload and go around the corner (to the left of the flag). For each stick hook you 1vaste followed by one individual.
At the next corner you hook three unload and go around the corner (to the bottom of the flag), then 1 sc in each open space, followed by one individual.
On the next corner you hook third landing and go around the corner (to the right of the flag), so each stick hook your first solid, followed by one individual.
At the next corner you hook three unload and you go around the corner (to the top of the flag), then the first fixed in any open space, followed by 1 loose. After the last loose hook you 1 sl st in the 1st single from the edge and attach you.

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