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Häkelfieber: Häkeln mit Perlen: Traumfänger

Häkelfieber: Häkeln mit Perlen: Traumfänger: Mit Perlen wollte ich schon wirklich lange mal etwas häkeln - jetzt habe ich es endlich in die Tat umgesetzt, und zwar ist dieser Traumfäng...

Crochet with Beads: Dreamcatcher

With beads I wanted really long time crochet something - now I finally put it into action, and that this dream catcher has arisen:

I've found the instructions here on The Chilly Dog , where everything is explained very well, from the order of the different colors when stringing the beads until the hard crochet on a circle.

Gehäkelt I thin crochet yarn and crochet hook. 1.5.

The district has made ​​from wire of the newly discovered fundus in the attic - this time in matching blue and very thick and sturdy. . So thick that the soldering iron for soldering was too weak, but in addition with blue tape we have it then hingekriegt 
Conveniently, the wire is already so kept around that I had the circuit correct any more.

Little insight into my bedroom: ;-) 

First I wanted to work on that a few white feathers down, got me but then opted for color matching threads of the multi-filament Sockenwolle:

Disregarding not the picture, but at the left a beautiful glitter yarn is. =) 

I hope times that made ​​me aware of Dreamcatcher many beautiful dreams! =)

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