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cananca-elbecerileri.blogspot.com: AÇIKLAMALI TIĞ İŞİ BATTANİYE MODELİ

cananca-elbecerileri.blogspot.com: AÇIKLAMALI TIĞ İŞİ BATTANİYE MODELİ: Kıyıda köşede öylesine çok ipim varmış ki, boyları 2 metre dahi kalmış olsa atmamışım, atamamışım. Bu örneği çok beğenmeme rağmen bir ...

ANNOTATED Crochet blankets MODEL

Onshore in the corner so I had a lot of rope, I throw length of 2 meters, even if they had, I assign. In this example, although much dislike somehow could not grasp. But I finally figured it out. Anyway, once you see the beauty of what my dear image. I started this, so what will be let out, but I'll keep that increases my rope. I just wanted to share an example with you. I think at a time when knitting blankets to take further the harmonious colors.  

I told earlier in the description of the picture, as I promised. 
First, we want to pull your chain length work. Then follows the back and make bilateral handrail, we continue pulling between the two chains.

After finishing the above as well as the first four chains are having turned back again and continue making bilateral handrail gaps.
This is the same way as we continue pulling the two chains to Search

Then we move to a different color. Return on 4 chain, suffering Search for 2 chain. For example, we're going into a knack blue as shown in the following picture I now pink. Sinking to cram into the place we wanted to emphasize Bat. The pink during the second, we continue sank into the blue of the second row. The logic here is the use of color in 2 rows. I prefer certain colors so you get to understand.

By repeating the same movements as you can extend the Yellow yünümüzle uzatınnn. Then a beautiful and extend the bloom on your part on cold winter days. I hope I could help. Everyone armful of affection.
- See more at: http://www.cananca-elbecerileri.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/artik-yunlerin-degerlendirilmesi.html#sthash.E69aEocB.dpuf

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