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Dog Paws Christmas Stocking


Dog Paws Stockings

Give your dog something special for Christmas with this adorable Dog Paws Christmas Stocking.
I tried this stocking before and I wasn’t successful because I was getting too distracted around me. This time, I decided to change up the game plan by looking for the pattern to create my own diagram to follow long. With great success, I created my diagram and completed the stocking.
In the tutorial, I refer to this diagram.

Cat Paws Stocking Diagram
Dog Paws Stocking Diagram

You can print out this diagram to help you if you prefer. By noticing where the increases start on each row, you can avoid all of the extra counting by strategically placing your stitch marker in the right stitch for the next row.
In the video tutorial, as we work along in paw stocking area, I will be showing you where to put the stitch marker as we do each row. Having this diagram will save you a lot of time and grief over potentially miscounting the pattern.
Tutorial also includes the bone to sew on as well.
Get the Free Pattern, it’s called Dog Paws Christmas Stocking.

Video Tutorial (Right and Left)

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