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The 8th Gem: CROCHET: Moss Stitch Diagonal Cushion and Border p...

The 8th Gem: CROCHET: Moss Stitch Diagonal Cushion and Border p...: Remember these diagonal striped cushions in simple rows of dc [tr) ? Making a new version of the cushion picking the colours from th...

Moss Stitch Diagonal Cushion and Border pattern

Remember these diagonal striped cushions in simple rows of dc [tr)?

Making a new version of the cushion picking the colours from the new rug...

Moss Stitch Border
A simple but effective stitch 
Round 1: start in a corner, sc, [dc], ch3, sc [dc], in the corner sp, miss a st, sc[dc], in the next st, ch 1, miss a st, repeat to end of row, repeat corner sc [dc],  ch3, sc [dc], continue to repeat side and corner stitches, to end sl st to complete cut off and weave in ends

Round 2: change colour and repeat round 1

Quick pictorial HOW TO for the diagonal MOSS STITCH CUSHION
sorry this is only in US Terms
Diagonal Cushion in the round
For approx. 18" cushion pad
6mm hook 
2 strands of DK worked together as one or chunky yarn will make a firm and durable cushion cover
RECOMMENDED: Tension sample first
US Terms in black, UK Terms in brackets in red

ch90 stitches (length of the diagonal) in the first colour, 
ROUND 1:Cont. in 1st col. sc [dc], down one side of the ch70, then return and sc[dc], up the other side of the chain, 
an even number is required if you are doing Moss Stitch in the round

ROUND 2: changed colour every round, sc [dc], miss a st, ch1, sc, [dc], miss a st, ch1 repeat to end of round, sl st to complete

change colour every round to give a tweed look to the Moss st.

Any stitch combination and any colourway (plain or striped) can be used for this cushion just start with the chain and sc all around the chain.

same colour every round..plain texture only
change colour every round...tweedy look
use 2 colours, used alternately gives a strip

Start with a long chain the width of the cushion, but you will need to crochet twice the length of the diagonal cushion length to cover a cushion this way.

Hope to have the first cushion finished for pictures tomorrow morning

over the opposite corners, the number of rows you need to make it meet in the middle.....so keep going until the 'bag fits the cushion pad comfortably 
and meets in the centre diagonal

Straight cushion Bag
Above straight cushion bag...70sts base chain.


Moss stitch tightens up a little as you work it, this is a guide to the number of stitches for a particular size of cushion pad, but you would be best to do a tension sample as Moss stitch has very little stretch

These sts numbers are for Moss Stitch only
Using a double strand of DK or chunky worked together and a 6mm hook

70 base chain, will make a 13" diagonal cushion...but make an 18" straight cushion bag

82 base chain, will make a 16" diagonal cushion
90 base chain will make an 18" diagonal cushion
98 base chain will make a 20" diagonal cushion


The 8th Gem: CROCHET: FRUIT SALAD WAVE: FRUIT SALAD BASIC WAVE PATTERN  YARN: Stylecraft Merry Go Round  HOOK: 4mm hook US Terms UK Terms in red brackets Pa...



YARN: Stylecraft Merry Go Round 
HOOK: 4mm hook
US Terms UK Terms in red brackets

Pattern repeat is multiples of 14sts +3

ch126 + 3 and + 1 to turn (130sts)

ROW 1: sc [dc], in 2nd ch from hook, sc [dc], in every st to end turn. (129sts)

 ROW 2: ch1, sc [dc], in same st, sc [dc], in next 2 sts, dc [tr], in next 2sts, tr [dtr], in next 2sts, dtr [ttr], in next 3 sts, tr [dtr], in next 2 sts, dc [tr], in next 2sts, 
repeat to end 

finish with sc [dc], in last 3sts. (129sts)

ROW 3: repeat rows sc [dc], in every st. (129sts)

make sure you do the last sc [dc], in the top of the 4ch st, the dtr [ttr], replacement of the row before.

ROW 4: ch4, counts as first dtr [ttr], dtr [ttr], in next 2sts, 1tr [dtr], in next 2sts, dc [tr], in next 2 sts, sc [dc], in next 3sts, dc [tr], in next 2 sts, tr [dtr], in next 2sts, 
repeat to end, finish with 1dtr [ttr], in last 3sts. (129sts)

continue to repeat rows 3 and 4 to complete the length you require.

I'm often asked about the little circle or flower i start my work with...yes it a me thing makes the piece mine if you like, but it does serve a purpose too....no end to deal with.

And on a long base chain, occasionally I miss count the 200+ Stitches often a complaint I here......
 with these extra few chain stitches to the flower I have a few stitches to play with...solves another possible problem.

100g ball has made a piece 8.5" x 32" perfect for a neck wrap.

A baby blanket would probably need 4 maybe 5 balls 
to make approx. 32" x 35" 

My Yarn Spot: Free Dog/Cat Butt Coaster Pattern

My Yarn Spot: Free Dog/Cat Butt Coaster Pattern:   Hello again!  I am here once more to bring you a pattern I just created for a Dog (or Cat) Butt Coaster patte...

Dog/Cat Butt Coaster Pattern

Hello again!  I am here once more to bring you a pattern I just created for a Dog (or Cat) Butt Coaster pattern!  I won't lie here.  I saw one of these on Instagram and loved it, it's so funny.  (Credit to Leslie here.  You can buy her version on her site!) There are a few patterns on ravelry for cat butt coasters (I prefer cats, but why no Dog love on this one?), one of which is free.  Honestly, I thought they could all use some improvement.  I checked out the free one to see how it was done (wasn't impressed [hey, I'm picky]) and then tried my own method.  I am very pleased with the results.  Behold!

(Favorite this pattern on Ravelry!)

This is a link to a pdf file that is printer friendly - no pictures.

With no further ado, here is how I did it.  The following pattern is in US terms.
Everyone loves a pattern with plenty of pictures, right?  I hope so, cause I took plenty.

G/6 - 4.25mm Hook 
(Size/gauge is not extremely important)
100% Cotton Yarn (Colors: Pink, and your choice for fur)
Needle to sew in ends, and scissors to cut of course.

Finished size: 
About 3.5 inches from side to side 
(a little less depending where you measure)
6" from top of tail to bottom of feet

Stitches/Skills used:
Magic Ring (Optional)
Invisible Join (Explained + pictures)
Slip Stitch
Single Crochet (SC)
Half Double Crochet (HDC)
Double Crochet (DC)

Note for clarity:
SC 4 = SC into each of the next 4 sts.  
2SC = Do 2 SC into same stitch.

Round 1:  Using Pink.  Magic Ring (or Ch2 and work into first Ch stitch) 6 SC.

Invisible Join: Cut yarn leaving tail and pull the yarn through.  Using a needle, pass yarn from the front toward back of the first SC of the round.  Pass yarn into top of the last SC you made.  Pull only tight enough to blend and create your 7th SC.
You should have 7 SC.

 (See next 5 pictures!)

Alternately, you can just do 7SC and slip to join, then finish off.

This is a view of the back of the work.  Needle enters top of stitch.

The needle is inserted simply to show the 7th stitch we created.

Completed, 7 SC.

 I apologize now for pictures that are sideways.  Forgot to fix that before I uploaded all of them!

Round 2!
Create a slip stitch with your second color.  I do not have a tutorial for this, but they are easy to find.
Join anywhere to your work with a slip stitch.
insert hook

After slip stitch.  Pull your slip knot tight for the best look.

Pull that slip knot tight so it looks good.
(Still Round 2)  Ch 1.
Do not turn your work throughout the pattern!
Working into the same stitch you joined to, 2SC into each stitch. Slip sts to join.  (14sts total)

I split the first 2SC between the start and end of round, but you don't have to do that!!! 
I did one SC in the beginning and my second SC into the same stitch was at end of round!!!

End Round 2.

Round 5 complete.

Round 3.  (Work into sts you joined to)
Ch 1.
*SC, 2SC* repeat around to end. Slip Sts to join.  (21 sts total)

Round 4.
Ch 1.
*SC 2, 2SC* repeat around to end. Slip Sts to join.  (28 sts total)

Round 5.
Ch 1.
*SC 3, 2SC* repeat around to end. Slip Sts to join.  (35 sts total)

Round 6.
Ch 8.  In second ch from hook, SC.
HDC, DC 5.
Work into the bump on the back of the CH for best look.

Tail completed.  Hook shows where to work next SC.

Round 6 continued:
Skip 2 stitches, which includes the stitch you joined to, and SC into the 3rd stitch. (Picture shows slip stitch - I have changed the pattern and no new picture)
SC 1. (see picture)
2SC, SC 4, 2SC, SC 4, 2SC, SC 1.

Round 6 continued:
Ch 4.
In 3rd ch from hook, DC.
DC in next ch.
DC in side of your last SC.  (See next 3 pictures!)
My fingers showing the side of the SC stitch.

Hook inserted into side of SC stitch.

Third DC completed!

Round 6 continued:
Skip 2 stitches.  SC into the third stitch.
2SC, SC 1.
Ch 4.
DC into 3rd ch, as before.
DC into next ch.
DC into side of your last SC.
Skip 2 stitches. SC into the third stitch.
Two legs complete.
Slip into the slip stitch, right where my fingernail is.

Round 6 continued:
*SC 4, 2SC* twice.

Slip stitch into the slip stitch that started the round!  See picture.
Just showing where I wove my end in behind the tail.

Weave in your ends and you are finished!
This picture shows where I weaved in.  It hides well there.  Of course, don't cut it here, keep weaving some more.

With the pink tails, honestly, I did a square knot.  I figured a knot was not a big deal on the bottom of a coaster.

(Square knot: cross tails, right over left and knot.  Then cross tails, left over right and knot tight.  Or vice versa.  I'm sure you can find it on youtube!)

There you have it.  A dog, or cat, butt coaster.

I would maybe chain a couple more and do just DC down the tail for a cat coaster, so it's more round like the feet instead of almost pointy.

If you find any mistakes or need me to be less confusing (sorry if I'm confusing) do not hesitate to contact me!

Häkelfieber: Häkeln mit Perlen: Traumfänger

Häkelfieber: Häkeln mit Perlen: Traumfänger: Mit Perlen wollte ich schon wirklich lange mal etwas häkeln - jetzt habe ich es endlich in die Tat umgesetzt, und zwar ist dieser Traumfäng...

Crochet with Beads: Dreamcatcher

With beads I wanted really long time crochet something - now I finally put it into action, and that this dream catcher has arisen:

I've found the instructions here on The Chilly Dog , where everything is explained very well, from the order of the different colors when stringing the beads until the hard crochet on a circle.

Gehäkelt I thin crochet yarn and crochet hook. 1.5.

The district has made ​​from wire of the newly discovered fundus in the attic - this time in matching blue and very thick and sturdy. . So thick that the soldering iron for soldering was too weak, but in addition with blue tape we have it then hingekriegt 
Conveniently, the wire is already so kept around that I had the circuit correct any more.

Little insight into my bedroom: ;-) 

First I wanted to work on that a few white feathers down, got me but then opted for color matching threads of the multi-filament Sockenwolle:

Disregarding not the picture, but at the left a beautiful glitter yarn is. =) 

I hope times that made ​​me aware of Dreamcatcher many beautiful dreams! =)

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