miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Häkelfieber: Dosen mit Seesternen

Häkelfieber: Dosen mit Seesternen: Inspiriert vom schönen Wetter in den letzten Tagen habe ich diese beiden Dosen in Sand- und Meerfarben umhäkelt: Vor Weihnachten ha...

Cans with starfish

Inspired by the beautiful weather in the last few days I have these two doses crocheted in sand and sea colors:

I bought this great mug with jam, in order to fill biscuits or cake before Christmas:

1x 1x apricot and strawberry - yum - and now they are finally become both empty.
Inspired  by this blog  I did then "recycled" instead of throwing!

I especially enjoyed the texture:

crocheting Instead normal crochet, you make here 2 single crochet in a puncture site and then skips the next stitch.
In subsequent rounds, the two fixed stitches are always crochet in the first crochet both the preliminaries.
I crocheted in spirals that you can not see the beginning of the round, with crochet hook. 3.5 and cotton.
Stuck I have everything with the hot glue gun.

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