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Lunamon Design: Tutorial ZIPPER PURSE - Steg for steg.

Lunamon Design: Tutorial ZIPPER PURSE - Steg for steg.: Å hekle på glidelås er så lettvindt. Denne lille mappa kan bli det meste.  Teknikken er veldig grei å kunne. To crochet direct...

Tutorial ZIPPER PURSE - Step by step.

To crochet zipper is so lettvindt.
This little folder can be just about anything. 
The technique is very straightforward to.

Two crochet Directly onto the zipper is easy.
This idea can turn into anything you want.
The technic is good to know.

This is what you need.
The yarn you want, zipper so long you want, 
thick needle and crochet hook that fits yarn.

This is what you need.
Your yarn of choice, a zipper at your length,
thick needle and a hook two match your yarn.

I've used this mask, no idea what it is called in Norwegian.
Therefore, a Norwegian translation.
Chain - air mask
Slip stitch - slip stitch
Double crochet - spelling
Extended double crochet - a long rod that goes down in air loops two rows below.

I have used this stitch, do not know the Norwegian name for it.
Therefor a translation for my Norwegian readers.

I crocheted around the zipper.
I used a thick needle to make holes.
About 5 mm between the holes matched my net and my hook.

Single crochet (US) around the zipper.
I used a thick needle two make it Easier.
About 5mm between the holes was ok for my yarn and hook.

In the corners I made 3 sc in one hole,
sc right by the zipper, one on the other side and 3 in the corner again.

In the corner I made 3 single crochet (US) in the same hole, 
one sc close to the zipper, one after the zipper and then 3 sc in the corner.

Fasten the first row with a slip stitch when you come around.

Make a slip stitch two fast off the first round.

2. round - start with ch 3 (1 rod) + 2 st, 1 ch.
I crocheted spells in each sc from previous round. (Not as in the diagram.)
Customize so that it fits around the zipper.

2. round. Start with chain 3 (1 DC) + 2 dc, chain 1.
I made a dc in each sc from the last round. (Not as shown in the chart)
Adjust so thats it fits the zipper.

3. 3 dc + ch 1 similar to that of the previous round, but then skip ch.
Spell over spell, as the chart.

3. 3 dc + chain 1, as last round.
Dc over dc, as in the chart.

4. 1 st at stake No. 3, a long stac down in lm hole in the pink round.
crochet as usual. 1 st in spelling No. 1 in the group.

4. 1 dc in dc No. 3, one extended dc on the chain bow in the pink round,
crochet as normal, then one dc in the first dc after the chain bow.

Green rounds done as the pink and purple.
Note that the holes for the long stick shift.
New pink round, see explanation to the picture above.

Make the green round as the pink and purple one from EARLIER.
Notice the chain bow.
New pink round, Instructions under the last photo.

So great I would create this.

This is how big I wanted to make it.

Turn this, see the threads. 
Remember to open the zipper; o) I did not ...

Turn outside in, notice all the ends.
Make sure you open the zipper. I did not ...

Place the right and crochet a row sc where crocheting along both sides.
Fasten all threads.

Place both sides correctly and single crochet one round 
two connect both sides.
Weave in all the ends.

Turn it again.


Cosmetic Purse / wallet / charging cables.

For makeup / Wallet / Charge cables .. 

Make it as big or as small as you want.
Use zipper that fits your desire.

Make it as big or small as you want, 
use a zipper of your choice. 

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Some days almost 1000 hits.

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Enjoy yourselves.

Happy hooking.

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